Anonymous asked:

can you explain to me who dr tc refers to when he says "wolf haley" "sam" and like all the other people i know that they are like tyler but could you explain more.

tyler-daily answered:

[ just gonna go off what I know from being a fan so don’t shoot me, and I’ll update this after Wolf drops to be more accurate ]

Ace Creator: Ace produces/makes beats. He’s like the umbrella of everybody else.

Tyler/Bastard: Tyler is, Tyler lol. He’s also very insecure about a lot of things. The main thing he describes himself as, is a bastard, which is the part of him that harbors all the hate and rage of his father never being in his life which he feels is the reason why he’s so insecure because there’s a lot of things (physically) about himself that remind him of his father who he says didn’t want him. That’s pretty simple, right?

Dr. TC: Tyler’s therapist. In Bastard, he helps Tyler finally release some of that anger he feels in the process of the album, because it seems to be the root of all of his other issues. In Goblin, he helps Tyler figure out who he is while he struggles with fame, being a role-model (or not wanting to be, and wanting to be at the same time), and still feeling lonely throughout all his success because Thebe wasn’t there to share it with him. He ends up explaining himself as being Tyler’s conscious. THIS RIGHT HERE IS A SPOILER FROM WOLF In Wolf, Dr. TC seems to be the facilitator of Camp Floggnaw bringing in the concept of the whole album from the intro track. Since Dr. TC is already Tyler’s conscious, I believe Wolf (the album) is happening inside the mind of Tyler.

Wolf Haley: Wolf is the person that Tyler wants to be. White man with red hair. He thinks Wolf is cooler, way more smooth, and he doesn’t give a fuck about things that affect Tyler on a day-to-day basis, like people liking him, his insecurities, or his dad leaving, girls he likes fucking him over, shit like that. He finds confidence in Wolf, as well as a reason to get rid of Tyler and just be Wolf Haley. Also, he is kinda hinted as being his evil alter-ego. That’s who he argues with in Yonkers and eventually Tyler ends up killing himself (figuratively), but since the song contradicts itself constantly, he comes back and says “dead”, so Ty’s not really dead…( this guy is a fucking genius )…

Sam: Initially, I interpreted Sam as being the guy Tyler was rapping about in the chorus of Sam (Is Dead). [ Bring in the horns/you hear that fuckin’ brass, nigga/that’s little boy nigga with the trumpets/marching with the bandwagon/looking for his heart/no sleeves but his hands carry muskets/lurking in the meadows, oblivion/motherfuck geppetto, he’s a leader not a puppet ] He plays the horn in this song. The horn carries the song, and paired with the lyrics I’m guessing this is the part of him that feels like he’s leading this group of damaged kids and teaching them that doing whatever they want is how they’re gonna succeed. The whole song is talking about despite what other people think he’s supposed to do, or how he’s supposed to act, that who he is, is, who he is and he has a lot to show for himself because of that and he understands why people look up to him. Sam is Dead because Tyler believes that there is a Sam in all of us no matter what. THIS RIGHT HERE IS ANOTHER SPOILER FROM WOLF After listening to Wolf, The Sams are loners, there’s 4 of them & they like to make music. They’re also a bit destructive. This is the part of himself that likes to use live instruments to make songs which makes sense because one of them plays the Horn (the leader). They’re a band.

Tron Cat: Tyler explains him (after he gets mad in the process of rapping Nightmare) as a voice in his head that tells him to do fucked up shit.

Most of his personas/personalities either mesh or clash each other which kinda explains why Tyler contradicts himself musically so often because of the internal conflicts he goes through, and the different and contradicting “personalities”. That might be why at the end of Goblin, (Golden) when Dr. TC finally gets him to realize that all of these people are really parts and pieces of himself he tries to detach from.

Dr TC: Someone gave a fuck Tyler. The person that gave a fuck was me. See, you’re not going crazy. It’s me, I’m your best friend Tyler. I know everything. I know everything about you. You’ve been helping yourself this whole time. Your best friend is your imagination. Dr. TC. Tyler, I’m your conscience. I’m Tron Cat, I’m Ace, I’m Wolf Haley, I’m…

Tyler: Me.

Hope that helped, anyone who knows more/wants to contribute can definitely hit the ask!